The essentials collection comprises of T-shirts, Sweaters, Hoodies, Shorts, Cargo, Shorts, Jogging Bottoms, Snapback and Strapback caps. The collection has come about as a result of a growing demand in the UK urban scene. Streetwear has always had a reputation of being cheap and disposable. However we intend to change the views, by introducing luxury materials in a urban market, For brands and businesses across the UK they understand the struggle to find plain clothing to do printing or embroidery directly onto. This task has been made easy through Branded!


The essentials collection showcases our standard range of urban plain clothing. Although the garments look similar to clothe regularly seen in the urban market we have paid particular attention to the quality and the fit of the garments. Our signature raglan sleeve helps with fit, and the use of zips on pockets make these plain clothes great for every day use.

All products in the essentials collection can be mixed and matched for example, Shorts and T-shirts, Shorts and Sweaters, Tracksuit bottoms and Hoodies or Tracksuit bottoms and Sweaters. The idea behind this is to have a robust collection of intrchangeable items that can be used to enhance the look and quality of a brand or business.


Although clothing is our speciality we are also passionate about caos so we have incleded them in our essentials collection, we have a full range of cargo strap backs, mesh back caps and premium caps with leather peaks. Browse our full range ofcolours and see that for and occasion you can find a cap that suits.

Now lets speak about quality. We are proud o announce that we have compitent, capible and reliable factories in Dongguan China and Sialkot Pakistan. Our factory has been operating in these locations for almost a decade. We have diligently sort after premium quality materials for all items in our essentials collection. This means that our items are suitable for all printing and embroidery techniques from 3D embroidery on caps and tshirts to screen printing in multiple colours and direct to garment printing in millions of colours.


The essentials collection consists of plain hoodies, t-shirts, joggers and caps in a variety of colours