Clothes Manufacturing in Pakistan

Our dedicated team in Pakistan are vital to sourcing premium quality fabrics for our plain clothing. Production is comprised of T shirts, Hoodies, Sweaters, Shorts, Socks, Gym Wear, Tracksuits, Cargo Pants and much more. We ensure great working conditions with all our staff including Pattern Masters, Embroiders, Screen Printers and Machine operators. We personally source material and twill to perfection to ensure that we guarantee the same fabric quality throughout our clothing. Our unique dyeing station ensures that we use the correct pantone shade through numerous production runs.


We have worked tirelessly with patterns, shapes and sizes to deliver a comfortable feel and fit of our clothing. We ensure that it is not tainted by smaller size guides in Middle Eastern  cultures but that has UK/European standard sizes.

To ensure that the correct level of quality reaches our customers we package each item that is made individually to avoid stains and being poorly handled. It is then shipped directly to us in the UK, sealed and air tight for our team to receive and conduct further tests.