Like our Adults Oversized Hoodies, we have aimed to provide the perfect blend between looking and feeling great. With our premium Cotton/Polyester blend we have achieved just that. 

These hoodies have been complimented with a deep, 2 panelled hood; with a large front pocket; and no strings or eyelets. Lets not forget the final detail of a cuffed waistband and wrists!

Providing a stylish comfortable fit!

Our Kids Oversized Collection features the same 330gsm Cotton and Polyester blend, ensuring a soft premium feel, providing warmth as well as comfort! We have also provided a range of different colours that are the perfect match to Our Adults Oversized Collection. 

Our sizes range from 1-15years and have proven to be an accurate fit with their size to age. Also allowing enough space for these tracksuits to be layered up, ensuring that your child will be warm in all weathers! Making this collection perfect for your children. 

Since 2021, we have seen these style of hoodies be a huge hit with the adult sizes, so we just had to introduce them for the kids too!  


Like our Hoodies, our Kids Oversized Joggers feature the same premium blend of Cotton/Polyester. Providing warmth, comfort and style for those energetic or relaxed days! 

We have focused alot of attention to detail with our soft, elasticated waistband; cuffed ankles and deep zipped pockets on out Joggers. 

Like the Hoodies, these have been a great hit with adults, so we are positive you will love them for your children also!

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